Upcoming Premieres

Toward Something New

May 2022 | Durham, North Carolina

Commissioned by TimeSlips Creative Storytelling (Milwaukee, WI) and Dementia Inclusive Durham (Durham, NC), Toward Something New is a 10-minute musical triptych on memory loss and its potential to unearth beauty on not what has been lost, but what can be found. It was written for and will be premiered by the Durham Children's Choir under the direction of Dena Byers.

The Persistence of Song

June 13, 2022 | New York City, New York

Written for the National Youth Choir hosted by Manhattan Concert Productions, this piece will be premiered at Carnegie Hall by members of the Pensacola Children's Chorus (Pensacola, FL), Cincinnati Youth Choir (Cincinnati, OH), Young Naperville Singers (Naperville, IL), and Allegro Choirs (Kansas City, MO). Under the direction of Robyn Lana, this piece will explore the constant undertow of music in our daily lives.

Event Calendar

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